Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Democracy Is Dead

Democracy is dead. In the past few weeks, I've written e-mails to some of my reps. I don't expect detailed replies, but I don't get any kind of acknowledgment, even from my local state senator or representative. As individual voters, all we can hope for is ridiculous, simple-minded pandering, but without big bucks to buy politicians our voices will never be heard. The revolution will come, but too late.

Pathetic Pandering

So, John McCain wants to give us a gas tax holiday from Memorial Day to Labor day, the so-called 'driving season.' Brilliant. It will cost $10 billion to a budget that is already putting us into debt for the rest of our lives and will encourage even more squandering of irreplaceable fossil fuel; fuel that could ease the lives of our children and grandchildren. I'm inclined to believe that gas prices need to be higher, not lower.

Oil imports fund or worst enemies (How come no one ever talks about the fact that most of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudi?). We need to get real about fossil fuel. It is running out, probably sooner than we imagine, and we need to use it as wisely as possible. That means no more SUVs, no more 100-mile commutes and no more NASCAR. Only higher prices will get clueless Americans to conserve. A higher gas tax will raise the price and the proceeds should be used to develop further energy conservation and alternatives.

First Thrush

I saw my first thrush of the year today. I went for a morning jog up Moose Hill with a friend. I've found that jogging on trails is easier on the old joints, so we took the Vernal Pool Trail to the old Everett Street and ran along the power line. Soon after we ducted into the woods I spotted a thrush, possibly a hermit thrush. I look forward to hearing thier sweet melodies in the forest soon.

But, Why?

What the heck is this? Another blog? Well, no, not exactly.

My main blog is the Moose Hill Journal, but I thought it would be fun and helpful to have a place where I can record brief notes, observations, thoughts and even rants that don't really fit the format that has evolved at the Journal. In part, this will serve as a notebook where I can post items I want to remember or let marinate until I can assemble a full-fledged Journal post.

I anticipate that posts here will tend to be short and more frequent than in the Journal. Some of the items or thoughts here may well work their way into Journal posts, but many will not. Many of these posts will be observations about nature, others will be ruminations on news items, politics or social trends. As always, comments and e-mails are welcome.