Monday, January 26, 2009

Climbing Out

Perusing the weather page in the Globe at lunch today, I was thrilled to see that, as of Saturday, we started climbing out of the depths of winter. Many celebrate the winter solstice as the moment that the days start getting longer. That's a wonderful thing, but it's when the temperature graph turns upward that I start getting truly hopeful for Spring.

The average daily minimum temperature bottomed-out for a few days at 21 degrees (F). On Saturday, January 24 the average minimum ticked up to 22 degrees. There is over a month's lag time between the time the days start getting longer and the time temperatures start to rise.

Obviously, there will be days when it is colder than the average minimum, but hope and anticipation are on the rise, and nothing can stop that.


Bull Thorn said...

I hear you. I was walking past one of the big windows at the hospital where I work the other day and at 6:00 pm there was still some light in the sky. My heart leapt. It's the most tangible sign of all that winter's turned around.

robin andrea said...

The return of the sun is really a tangible thing. I'm glad the temps are slowly, but surely rising.